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GroundUp: SA shackdwellers protest against evictions in Austria

Daneel Knoetze, GroundUp

A delegation from Abahlali baseMjondolo picketed at the Austrian honourary consulate in Durban. They handed over a petition protesting against the violent evictions of a group of squatters, Pizzeria Anarchia, in Vienna.

On 6 August, shackdweller movement Abahlali baseMjondolo (AbM) marched on the the Austrian honourary consul in Durban to protest the eviction of squatting “comrades” under way in Vienna. This, in reciprocation of months of solidarity and support from people and organisations based in Europe and the United States for AbM.

Squatters under the banner of Pizzeria Anarchia have resisted attempts by the Vienna municipality to evict them from a building for two years. Last week, 1700 riot police, a water canon, a tank and a helicopter were deployed to the site of what is claimed to be Vienna's “last remaining squat”. The eviction cost the municipality €500 000 (R7.17million), reports

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Solidarity with Abahlali basePizzeria Anarchia in Vienna, Austria

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Abahlali baseMjondolo Press statement


Solidarity with Abahlali basePizzeria Anarchia in Vienna, Austria

Injustice in Vienna, Austria is an injustice in Durban, South Africa and is an injustice everywhere in the world.

Abahlali friends and comrades in living in Pizzeria Anarchia in Vienna, Austria have been subjected to a violent police attack by at least 1700 riot police, a helicopter, a tank, and a water cannon. The Vienna municipality has evicted at least 11 Abahlali there and 4 are still remained in building. So far 9 of the Abahlali there have been arrested. According to reports in Vienna the City has paid up to 500,000 Euros to evict people from the building which is industrial to advance their gentrification plan. This eviction has become a joke to people of Vienna that one person is evicted by at least 100 cops. This is shocking brutality that we condemn.

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