Marikana comes for surprise protest at “Open Streets”

25 May 2013
Abahlali baseMarikana

Marikana comes for surprise protest at “Open Streets”

Members of Abahlali baseMarikana have come to Observatory in Cape Town
to occupy and participate in a surprise protest at the Open Streets
initiative which is backed up by the City of Cape Town. Open Streets
aims to promote use of roads and public space for people and without
cars. They are encouraging bicycle use, roller skating, etc. But we
think that Open Streets should mean more than that. We think we need
an open city that is open to the poor, that provides the poor with
land and housing. We therefore are coming to disrupt the exclusion of
Open Streets to tell everyone of the Closed City we live in.

The City of Cape Town which supports Open Streets, does not support an
Open City. We the poor are excluded. Our homes are destroyed by the
Anti-Land Invasion Unit, we are evicted from empty public land that is
meant to be shared with us, we are beaten by the police that protect
the rich and we are left without a roof over our heads. Our protest
today is to claim the city. This is why, today, we are moving our
Marikana settlement to the streets of observatory so the privileged
classes participating in Open Streets can see how we are forced to
live by the government that they support

There can only be really open streets if the city is open too.

For comment, contact Sbu @ 0603147788 and Cindy @ 0760866690 and Vusi
@ 0839571102 Or just find us on Lower Main Road in Observatory after