Cape Town: June 16 Rally in Mandela Park

June 16th rally
Theme: Youth and refugees

The youth of June 16, 1976 shed their blood for freedom from poverty and hunger. To the youth of 2007 we ask: HAS THEIR BLOOD BEEN SHED IN VAIN? The government policy means that there will always be millions without housing, without jobs, millions will remain in poverty. Across the world, the monopoly capitalists wage war on the poor. Millions have been displaced: from Somalia, from Palestine, from Sudan, from the DRC, from Angola. The same monopolies which control the world are also responsible for poverty in South Africa. The refugees and the poor have a lot in common. We invite all workers, unemployed, the youth, students, refugees to join our rally. Now is the time to get organized to fight capitalism.

Music, culture, movies and much more

Venue: Andile Nhose Community Centre, Mandela Park

Time: 10.00 to 14h00.

Date: Sat 16th June 2007

Organised by Mandela Park Anti Eviction Campaign Youth Forum, Zille-raine Heights Residents Committee, Anti-War Coalition, Whole World Womens Refugee Association, WIVL