Police shooting at Marikana Land Occupation

Police shooting at Marikana Land Occupation

Police are now shooting at the Marikana community while we have marched to Philippi East SAPS to secure the release of our arrested comrade. We are in front of Beautiful Gate on Stock Road. Friends and media are urged to rush to the scene.


AbM-WC Press Statement
17h00 on 30 April 2013

Earlier today we sent out notice that the City's Anti-Land Invasions Unit, Law Enforcement and SAPS had arrived again at Marikana shack settlement to destroy our homes. This was the third time they destroyed our community.

This time they came with a few more police vehicles than on Sunday. People protested the police but were peaceful and restrained. Police proceeded to destroy all but a couple of our homes. Luckily, this time, no one was hurt or beaten by Law Enforcement. But, once again, they purposely broke people's belongings: beds, cupboards, stoves, etc. The City of Cape Town must be held liable for the illegal destruction of our property.

The station commissioner, Colonel Mdimbaza from Philippi East SAPS was there too. He sat in his police vehicle at watched.

Later on in the day on of our neighbours and supporters, Sivile Ngabada, was wrongly arrested while protesting. We have decided, just like on Sunday, to march to Philippi East police station to secure the release of our comrade.

The police are arresting us, not because we are hurting anyone, but because they want to punish us for daring to reclaim land which has been stolen from us.

For more information, contact:

Sphatise @ 0810591042 (deputy chairperson)
Sandile @ 0835658798 (chairperson)
Nomsa @ 073 721 8764 (on scene at shootings)