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Devastating Fire Rips Through the Palmiet Settlement

25 December 2012
Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statement

At around 23:00 last night a fire ripped through the Palmiet Road shack settlement in Durban. 85 houses burnt down, around 150 people have been displaced. 2 people were badly burnt and another was injured as she fell while running from the fire.

Shack fires are no accident. They are political – a direct result of the contempt with which poor people are treated in this society.

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Daily News: Shack dwellers march stopped

This headline is misleading in that although the police unlawfully banned the march, and although there was considerable intimidation beforehand, led by the ward councillor and the chairperson of the local ANC BEC, and although the ANC organised an intimidatory counter protest outside the councillor’s office, and the although the police were not at all neutral in how they related to the two groups, the march still went ahead. There was never any intention to enter the councillor’s office.

Shack dwellers march stopped

Sihle Mlambo

Durban – A large group from the shack-dwellers movement, Abahlali baseMjondolo, were prevented by police from entering the Reservoir Hills premises of a ward councillor to deliver a memorandum of demands.

Abahlali staged a march on Friday to signal their unhappiness with the councillor of Ward 23, Themba Mtshali, who they said was corrupt and not fulfilling his role adequately.

The memorandum accused Mtshali of failing to deliver basic services including water and electricity, sanitation, roads, refuse collection and housing.

It was received and signed for by Mandla Msomi from the premier’s office. He told the crowd he would relay the complaints to the premier.

Mtshali said he had to attend a council meeting on the same day.

He said yesterday that he had been informed that most of the marchers were not residents of his ward.

Mtshali said mobile toilets were being provided for the area and more were planned for other areas.

Electricity had been installed in one of the 17 informal settlements in the ward and two housing projects, which would benefit four settlements were on the table, he said.

There was a strong presence of metro police and SAPS in the area.

Police spokesman Captain Thulani Zwane said the march was authorised by the city manager, S’bu Sithole.

He said the Aquarius Building was private property and no authority to enter the premises was granted, “hence the marchers were dealt with outside the premises”.

The marchers dispersed peacefully, Zwane said. – Daily News

Kubhikishe izakhamuzi eThekwini

Kubhikishe izakhamuzi eThekwini

Durban – Amakhulu ezakhamuzi zaseThekwini eClaire Estate naseReservoir Hills, kulindeleke ukuba zingenele umbhikisho, emgwaqeni uPalmiet Road, ngoLwesihlanu ekuseni.

Inhlangano yabahlali basemjondolo, ithi bazobamba imashi enokuthula ngenhloso yokuzwakalisa ukukhathazeka kwabo ngokungalethwa kwezidingo, kubika iNewswatch.

Okhulumela Abahlali Basemjondolo uSbu Zikode uthi abahlali bazolibhekisa ehhovisi likaThemba Mtshali, noyikhansela lakuwadi 23, okuyilapho abazomnika khona incwadi yezikhalazo.

Uthi abahlali badiniwe ngokungalethwa kwezidingo endaweni, izidingo ezifana namanzi nokuthuthwa kwendle.

Amaphoyisa asiqaphile isimo.

Ababhikishi ku-Palmiet Road bashise amathayi bajikijela amatshe emgwaqeni.

ANC Intimidation in Clare Estate this Morning

7 December 2012
Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statement

March Gets Underway Despite ANC Intimidation in Clare Estate this Morning

From early this morning Ward 23 councillor Themba Mtshali went from shack settlement to shack settlement in Ward 23 intimidating people and warning them not to participate in today's march – which was been unlawfully banned by the local SAPS. Mtshali was accompanied by his BEC and his (always armed) bodyguards.

There was also a large police presence in the area. The police were heavily armed and had two water cannons. In light of the fact that it was the police that unlawfully banned the march and their history of violence against our movement – and their support of violence against us from the ruling party – their presence there may also have been a form of intimidation. We know that their work is often to protect the politicians – not the people or what's left of our democracy. However the marchers were able to assemble and to begin the march. The police did not try to disperse them so it seems that they have backed down from their ban in face of the pressure. There is also a strong media presence. However ANC supporters have massed at the councillor's offices and are saying that they will block us from delivering our memorandum.

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Threats of Violence Against Tomorrow’s March

6 December 2012
Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statement

Threats of Violence Against Tomorrow's March

Our movement often gets reliable information from within the ANC and government structures from people that are sympathetic to our movement and our struggle. Today we have been informed by a number of highly credible sources that the Ward 23 Councillor, Themba Mtshali, and the chairperson of the local BEC of the ANC, have been mobilising people to disrupt our march tomorrow. We have been told that they aim to prevent the march from going ahead and to use their own violence to justify the illegal ban on our march.

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