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Solidarity with the MST in Brazil

MST4 November 2016
Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statement

Solidarity with the MST in Brazil

The National School Florestan Fernandes in Guararema, São Paulo, is the political school for the MST – the Landless Workers’ Movement in Brazil. Our comrades have had the honour of studying and teaching there. We have just received the statement below from the MST. We currently have two comrades at the school.

We are in full solidarity with the MST and all the comrades at the school. Continue reading

Upcoming Engagements with Solidarity Networks

Abahlali baseMjondolo Movement SA Press statement

26th October 2016


Upcoming Engagements with Solidarity Networks

Our movement is committed to internationalism. We have always understood that while some struggles, like the struggles against gangster councillors, are local other struggles, like the struggle against capitalism, are global. International solidarity has been extremely helpful to us when we have faced repression and we have always offered our solidarity to our comrades elsewhere in the world when they have requested our support. We have learnt a lot from comrades in other struggles in other parts of the world and we have always been happy to host comrades from elsewhere in the world who want to learn from our. Continue reading

Organizations publish a statement denouncing the jailing of MST activists

Organizations publish a statement denouncing the jailing of MST activists

Struggling for land is an exercise in citizenship

On the afternoon of May 31, one of the national leaders of the Landless Workers Movement (MST), operating in Goias, Jose Valdir Misnerovicz, was arrested in Rio Grande do Sul, in a joint operation of the Civil Police of the states of Goiás and Rio Grande do Sul. Two vehicles of Goiás Civil Police were in Rio Grande do Sul and were transferring Valdir to Goiás. Continue reading

Cape Town: June 16 Rally in Mandela Park

June 16th rally
Theme: Youth and refugees

The youth of June 16, 1976 shed their blood for freedom from poverty and hunger. To the youth of 2007 we ask: HAS THEIR BLOOD BEEN SHED IN VAIN? The government policy means that there will always be millions without housing, without jobs, millions will remain in poverty. Across the world, the monopoly capitalists wage war on the poor. Millions have been displaced: from Somalia, from Palestine, from Sudan, from the DRC, from Angola. The same monopolies which control the world are also responsible for poverty in South Africa. The refugees and the poor have a lot in common. We invite all workers, unemployed, the youth, students, refugees to join our rally. Now is the time to get organized to fight capitalism.

Music, culture, movies and much more

Venue: Andile Nhose Community Centre, Mandela Park

Time: 10.00 to 14h00.

Date: Sat 16th June 2007

Organised by Mandela Park Anti Eviction Campaign Youth Forum, Zille-raine Heights Residents Committee, Anti-War Coalition, Whole World Womens Refugee Association, WIVL

Three Hundred Cape Town Shackdwellers Face Eviction

Zille Rain Heights Residents Association Press Release

Friday 12th January 2007


Contact for comment:

Lorraine Heunis, Zille Rain Heights Residents Association – 083 4319794

Eleanor Hoedemaker, Zille Rain Heights Residents Association – 072 4490436

Gary Hartzenberg, Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign – 072 392 5859

Ashraf Cassiem, Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign – 082 4805489

PARKWOOD, CAPE TOWN – About 300 shackdwelling residents face a forced removal by the City of Cape Town to a wasteland without water, houses, roads, sanitation, electricity, clinics, schools, transport, churches or mosques 45 kms from their current home in two weeks time.

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