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2010 Annual General Meeting

The AGM took place on 26 June 2010 from 10am until 5pm under the supervision of election managers Rev. SA Dlamini, Rev SS Mthethwa, and Rev. Mavuso of Rural Network an ABM Poor People s Alliance partner. Mr. David Ntseng of the Church Land Programme, Sarajane Cooper-Knock (England), Ally Brundige (USA) and Kerry Chance (USA) also assisted in election observations.

Following a time of praise and worship led by the Rev. Mavuso calling for unity and describing the event as that which would help the movement advance as a whole, reports were given by interim committee and outgoing executive committee leadership. For the second time as more details in reports were discussed and given at the general meeting held on the 19 July 2010, a week before an AGM.

The candidates were then announced.

After that selected delegates (3 per settlement) voted by filling out paper ballots for each position and placing them in sealed boxes. Ballot boxes were then taken to the Abahlali office at Dr. Pixley kaSeme (West) Street where the counting process was supervised by the election managers. After ballots were sorted they were counted by a team of volunteers and all tallies were checked by the election managers.

The new secretariat is as follows:

President : Mr Sbu Zikode
Vice President : Mr M Mdlalose 072 1328458
General Secretary : Ms Bandile Mdlalose 074 7308120
Deputy Secretary : Mr T Zuma 079 8164306
Chairperson : Mrs S B Nxumalo 076 3339386
Treasure : Ms N I Nyawo 083 9491379
Coordinator : Mr M Mbekwana
Media Liaison Officer : Mr Mnikelo Ndabankulu 079 7450653

Replacing the following members:

President : Mr S bu Zikode
Vice President : Mr Lindela Figlan
Chairperson : Mr Bhekuyise Ngcobo
General Secretary : Mr Bhekinkosi Mpofana
Deputy Secretary : Mr Thina Khanyile
Treasure : Mr Sihle Sibisi
Coordinator : Ms Louisa Motha
Media Liaison Officer : Mr Mnikelo Ndabankulu