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Afrikan HipHop Caravan

February 11, 2013
Contact: Anele Selekwa, +27 (83) 4472939
Biko Mutsaurwa +27 73 684 2750

Note: Join the Cape Town debut of American Hip Hop artist Mic Crenshaw (USA) and DJ Radical (USA) along with performances Zimbabwe’s Uhuru Network, Zubz featuring DJ Easy, Soundz of the South, Wordz of a Rebel Sistah, and other artists from Cape Town. Photo Opportunities available.

Cape Town Schedule:
February 13th Symposium @Community House, 9-5pm, 41 Salt River Road;
February 14th Performance @Zula Bar, 8pm, 98 Long Street;
February 17th Performance @Lookout Hill, 1pm, corner Mew Way & Spine Rd. Khayelitsha.

Zula Bar, Cape Town ­February 14, 8:00pm – The highlight of the evening’s performances include Mic Crenshaw from the United States who has shared stages with major American Hiphop artists such as, WuTang Klan, Outkast, The Fugees, Immortal Technique and Dead Prez. Joining him is renowned DJ Radical Klavical. G.o.d.obori from Zimbabwe will be MCing and Zubz featuring DJ Easy will offer their notorious flavour. The evening will be filled with live collaborations between these international and Afrikan artists.

The Afrikan Hiphop Caravan (February 13 – March 30), initiated by local Hiphop collectives [1] across the continent connects local and international artists and cultural educators in five cities: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Harare, Nairobi and Tunis. The Caravan has produced a series of performances, symposiums [2] and recording sessions offering audiences the opportunity to engage with a fusion of conscious Hiphop in each city. The project builds bridges between nascent Hiphop communities, sharing social justice and cultural resources. It is the first of what aims to be an annual entertainment and movement-building tour. This year the Caravan especially aims to build momentum on the continent in the lead up to the World Social Forum in Tunis, March 26-30.

The artist collectives involved in the project utilize Hiphop to produce music, popular education and artistry to speak to issues of oppression and democracy, gender inequalities, and cultural development. “While deepening our connections as Hiphop artists across the continent and beyond our boarders, the Caravan helps our DJ’s, poets and educators in their work to address local social problems,” said Anele Selekwa, Co-Founder Soundz of the South.

Intsangu, an indie clothing label in Cape Town providing conscious Hiphop aesthetics to local and international Hiphop headz partners on these events. For more information contact:

Endorsers of the Caravan Include: DeadPrez (U.S.), The Coup (U.S.), Zion I (U.S.), Jeff Chang (U.S.), Mumia Abu-Jamal (U.S.), Global Fam (U.S.), Hip Hop Congress (U.S.), The Obo Addy Legacy Project (U.S.), Veterans For Peace (U.S.), Education WithOut Borders (U.S.), The University of Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe), Right to Know Campaign (South Africa), Children of South Africa (South Africa), International Labour Research and Information Group (South Africa), Sankara Studios (Senegal), Africultureban (Senegal), Ukooflani (Kenya), Mau Mau (Kenya).

For more information please visit:

1. The Caravan is made up of eight leading African grassroots Hiphop collectives: Soundz of the South (South Africa), Uhuru Network (Zimbabwe), Pungwe Entertainment (Zimbabwe), Ukooflani (Kenya) Wasanii Mtaani/Artists in the Hood (Kenya), Sankara Studios (Senegal), Hip Hop Akademy (Senegal).

2. The Caravan symposiums offer a unique space for scholars, cultural artists and activists to discuss African Hiphop and its relevance to: youth empowerment, socio-political processes, democratization, African feminism and cultural development. The focus of these dialogues is the diverse manifestations and contributions of Hiphop across the continent.

3. Events schedule:

February 13th Symposium @Community House, 9-5pm, 41 Salt River Road;
February 14th Performance @Zula Bar, 8pm, 98 Long Street;
February 17th Performance @Lookout Hill, 1pm, corner Mew Way & Spine Rd. Khayelitsha.

February 20th Symposium and Performance @Goethe Institute, 9- 8pm, 119 Jan Smuts Ave (Entrance on Newport Road), Parkwood 2193.

February 27th Symposium @The University of Zimbabwe, 9am – 8:30pm, Church Hill Rd. in Mt. Pleasant;
March 1st Afrikan Hip Hop Slam @Book Café PLACE, 9pm- 1am, corner of S. Machel & 6th Street.
February 23rd Symposium & performance details TBD


March 28 Symposium, @Goethe Institute TBD
March 29, Cultural Activism strategy session, TBD
March 29, Performances, TBD