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Interface: Debating David Harvey

Interface volume 2 issue 1: crises, social movements and revolutionary transformations (May 2010)

Debating David Harvey

David Harvey,
Organizing for the anti-capitalist transition (pp 243 – 261) [PDF]


Willie Baptist,
A new and unsettling force: the strategic relevance of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Poor People’s Campaign (pp. 262 – 270) [PDF]

AK Thompson,
“Daily life” not a “moment” like the rest: notes on Harvey’s “Organizing for the anti-capitalist transition” (pp. 271 – 286) [PDF]

Benjamin Shepard,
Responding to Harvey: it’s all about organizing (pp. 287 – 297) [PDF]

Laurence Cox,
“The interests of the movement as a whole”: response to David Harvey (pp. 298 – 308) [PDF]

Anna Selmeczi,
Educating resistance (pp. 309 – 314) [PDF]

Marcelo Lopes de Souza,
Which right to which city? In defence of political-strategic clarity (pp. 315 – 333) [PDF]