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The Guardian: South Africa’s ‘insidious’ housing problems happening in Britain

South Africa's 'insidious' housing problems happening in Britain

Housing campaigner Lindela Figlan finds similarities in the treatment of poorer British citizens and slum dwellers in South Africa

In the world's second most unequal country, South Africa, millions like me live in informal settlements without toilets, water or electricity – never mind decent shelter.

To fight against this we founded Abahlali baseMjondolo, which roughly translates as "the people of the shacks" to resist illegal evictions and campaign for the right to housing for all.

Visiting the UK, I have understood the same insidious denial of this right is also happening in Britain. My trip has highlighted our common struggles; how much the UK can learn from what is happening in South Africa and the persistence and determination of our movement in the face of attempts to close us down.

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