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Letter from Mfusi Zonke on retrenched security guards in Cape Town

Mfusi Zonke wrote the following letter


Revolutionaries do not retrench…

As the unemployed to be, we would like to thank the premier and her cohorts for refusing us to work in our country. We thank her for refusing us to be responsible fathers and mothers, who are dignified because they put bread on the table in their families. We thank her for ripping us off the dignity of becoming parents to our respective families. We thank Helen Zille and her crew to deprive us the right to feed, educate and support our families. All what we are saying is simple: we refuse to be hooligans in the streets of Cape Town. This emanated from the fact that if government debars us from working, she is adding criminals to the society and we regard her as enemy to us.

Today the truth is that South Africa in terms of ownership and the control of the economy is a white men’s country. There is first world economy for the white minority and the third world economy for the African majority. The share of the African majority is poverty, unemployment, disease etc. There is enormous inequality. There are two nations one extremely rich and white, while the other is extremely poor and black. Our government has no teeth to bite this ulcer ravaging this province: the racism. If there were white people our call would have been long time listened to. But the mission is one, to sideline Africans in all spheres. We would like to remind people that DA led government retrenches people and in 2011 and 2014 they will comeback like Hungry Lions looking for votes. They will try to cheat the poor people and exploit state funds to bribe them with food parcels. We would like to caution our, never again put enemies in government spheres.

We are at war and this war is economical, in the sense that this government when goes and throws away R21 448 680 over 3 years to an individual, that is the economic side of war. When government jacks up petrol and electricity prices, that’s the economic side of war. Who are beneficiaries of this jacking up of food prices through price fixing? Whose orders is she carrying: Enemy orders. And how many thousands have starved, gone mad or even died from the effects of these enemy policies that they are implementing. They are present day causalities of the economic side of this war. But of course one doesn’t understand that the IMF, the UN, the WHO, the World Bank and WTO are enemy institutions. So we are at war on every front. They use these agencies to dictate government policies down to the last detail. No one of our government budget is devised without abiding by the framework that the World Bank and the IMF impose, before it is allowed to be written up and announced and we are allowed to implement it. The reason why this government worries about R 4 million loss while people are jobless is because of these deployed consultants sent by these enemy institutions as advisers.

Revolutionaries do not retrench, they create climate conducive and opportunities for everyone to enjoy the fruits of democracy and no one live below the breadline. We shall meet in 2011 2014. The Suraya Jawoodeen-Nehawu intervention is belated and unholy. One important thing is that we have no second home: South Africa is our only home, we are not going to complain in Sudan or Zimbabwe nor Britain or America neither German but here at home. When we complain we must be listened at. We remain the hard nuts to crack, the real hard nuts to break. We are calling the President Jacob Zuma to regulate a law that says to work is a right and that we hope to hear when he is opening parliament on the 17 February. We haven’t forgotten that we also wrote to the office of the President but seemingly our out cry fell in deaf ears.

Issued: Mfusi Zonke (Coordinator of the retrenched) 0733110553

the following statement is from Helen Zille’s spokesperson;

The following is the response of the Premier’s Office to the matter
refered to in our telephone conversation.

The Premier has investigated the complaints in the security officers’
memorandum regarding the Department of Community Safety’s decision not
to renew their 12 month contracts with the Department’s Directorate of
Provincial Security Operations. The Department has fully co-operated
with the Premier’s request for information.

The background provided to the Premier is as follows: in order to
increase its security personnel capacity, the Department’s Chief
Directorate of Security Risk Management granted approval in February
2009 for the 12 month contracting of 120 security personnel in order to
determine the viability of doing so. The total cost amounted to R 11.9
million in public funds. It also created additional administrative work
for the Department. The total cost of outsourcing the same service, for
the same number of staff, was calculated to be in the region of R7.1
million. This would save over R4 million in public funds, and would also
reduce the administrative requirements on the department. It is
therefore clearly in the public interest to outsource the service.

The premier then asked for details of the procurement process, as this
process was alluded to under point 4 of your memorandum. No evidence of
procedural flaws or problems with the procurement emerged. The
suspension of a senior official in the department of Community Safety
which was raised as a point of concern with the Premier was found to be
related to another tender process in the Department of Health, and the
said official was not involved in any way with the tender for the
Directorate of Provincial Security Operations. The standard bidding and
adjudication process was followed and the value of the contract awarded
amounts to R21 448 680 over 3 years, as opposed to the total cost to the
public of R35 700 450 that would be incurred if the contract workers
were retained.

The Premier is therefore not in a legal position to intervene in any
manner with the tender or the Department’s decision not to renew the
contracts of the security personnel, as requested in points 3, 5 and 6
of the memorandum.

Robert Macdonald
Western Cape Premier’s Spokesperson