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Remembering Biko: A bright and guiding light in dark times

Tuesday, 18 September 2012
Unemployed People’s Movement Press Statement

Remembering Biko: A bright and guiding light in dark times

Commemoration from 12 noon on Wednesday 19 September 2012

Steve Biko was murdered by the apartheid state on 12 September 2012. Today state murder stalks our land once again. In these dark times we will gather to honour the memory of Steve Biko – a memory that is a shining light.

We plan to retrace the route that Biko and his comrades took when they walked out of the NUSAS meeting at Rhodes University in 1967. We will walk from the campus to the church where they slept that night. We will carry 36 candles – one for each of the striking miners murdered by the state at Marikana.

We will be addressed by Aubrey Mokoape (former leader in SASO and the BPC), Bishop Rubin Phillip (former Deputy-President of SASO), Barney Pityana (former President of SASO and BCP) Richard Pithouse (activist in contemporary struggles) and Pauline Wynter (radical ecologist and lifelong activist who currently works with the Steve Biko centre in Brazil). The programme will commence at 12 noon on Wednesday 19 September 2012. We will gather under the arch at the entrance to Rhodes University and then proceed to Saint Phillip’s Church in Fingo Village.

All people that wish to honour the memory of Biko are most welcome to attend.

For further information please contact:

Asanda Ncwadi (UPM chairperson): 071 010 5441
Ayanda Kota (UPM spokesperson): 078 625 6462
Siyanda Centwa (UPM activist): 078 571 5507