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Protest by militant Turkish trade union against South African government

Protest by militant Turkish trade union against South African government
‘Murdered workers are our class brothers’

Militant trade union of the precarious health workers of Turkey,
Devrimci Saglk-Is (Revolutionary Trade Union of Health Workers)
affiliated to DISK (Confederation of Progressive Turkish Trade Unions)
today made a demonstration and press statement in front of the South
African consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. Members of the trade union told
that “murdered workers in South Africa are our class brothers” and
left black wreath for protesting the government and red cloves for the
murdered workers. President of the precarious Energy Workers’ Trade
Union also participated in the demonstration. The protesters shouted
“Long Live International Solidarity” in front of the consulate.

President of the Revolutionary Health Workers Trade Union Mrs Arzu
Cerkezoglu reminded that the mine workers in South Africa started
striking for the miserable wages to rise as their most basic right.
She told, “We as the workers in Turkey closely know this approach
which thinks it is normal to kill 34 striking workers. The striking
workers who are murdered in South Africa as they demand a human life
are our class brothers. We shout our solidarity with them with the
belief that what is important for the working class is not the country
they live in or the colour of their skin but their struggle and
labour.” The health workers protesting the South African government
left a black wreath and red cloves in front of the consulate building
in Istanbul.