A statement of solidarity from the Socialist Movement of Ghana following the assassination of Ayanda Ngila



The Socialist Movement of Ghana (SMG) mourns the assassination of Comrade Ayanda Ngila, Deputy Chairperson of eKhanana Occupation of South Africa’s militant Shack Dwellers Movement Abahlali baseMjondolo (AbM). Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and loved ones and to all our comrades of AbM.SMG unreservedly condemns this assassination.

We condemn it as the cowardly, cruel, and cold-blooded act of a depraved gang.
We condemn the criminal groups who seek by this assassination to intimidate and terrorize peace-loving citizens who seek simply to realize the most basic promise of the long anti-Apartheid struggle – physical space to live, and work, and contribute to the development of society with dignity and security.

We condemn the shadowy corporate and traditional players seeking to re-establish land monopolies at the expense of ordinary South Africans.

We note the parlous state of the pan-African revolution and its increasing surrender to exploitative and anti-social interests fronted by violent comprador elites. If Freedom Fighters like Cde Ngila can be gunned down in broad daylight, by known assailants, with impunity then we cannot claim to have defeated Apartheid – no matter how many “rainbow” states our political elites proclaim. And our struggle for socioeconomic justice and for equality, for land, for dignified work, and for social justice continues and will become more and more militant.

SMG calls for our comrades in the ANC to investigate Cde Ngila’s assassination, and to prosecute, convict and punish the perpetrators and their sponsors. Beyond this we call for political action to address these pressing hangovers from the Apartheid era.

We also call on all revolutionary and progressive organizations across the world to express their solidarity with Abahlali in its struggles and to protect the fundamental human and democratic rights of all South Africans.

Comrade Ngila, rest in peace and in power.

Nana Yaw Appiah-Kubi For Director International Relations Department
P.O. Box NT 272, Accra – Newtown Accra