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Daily News: Isipingo residents sick of squalor

by Aphiwe Ngwenya

Durban – Residents of the Isipingo transit camp say they are fed up with empty promises by municipal officials that they would be relocated to housing projects elsewhere in the city.

As the heavy rains continued to flood their homes this week, residents protested on the main road, burning tyres.

The camp is built in a flood plain and with little in the way of a drainage system, flooding is frequent occurrence.

Stagnant water lies in pools around the camp, a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Here and there rocks, planks and bricks have been placed to create stepping stones around the camp.

Unemployed mother-of-three, Meshi Kesram, 36, said her home had been flooded numerous times in the five years she had been at the transit camp. On the worst occasion the flood water was over one metre high.

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