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Daily News: Marikana a turning point for SA

New forces will ensure that there is no return to business as usual after the mine strike, writes Richard Pithouse. The Daily News

The name Marikana and the date August 16, 2012, have been carved into our history with the same brutality, blood and resolve that have shaped so many of the events that have brought us to where we are.

Around the world massacres and long and bitter strikes have often been decisive turning points in societies.

From Algeria to India and Zimbabwe, the first massacre after independence from colonialism has often come to mark the point at which the collective innocence about the claims of parties that were once national liberation movements to incarnate the national interest has begun to unravel. In many cases it has also begun a turn from above and, important, sometimes also from below, away from democratic modes of politics.

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Daily News: ConCourt hands victory to evicted 390

ConCourt hands victory to evicted 390

Nolene Barbeau

Durban – Shack dwellers in Lamontville, south of Durban, whose homes were allegedly demolished by the eThekwini Municipality a total of 24 times after being rebuilt, may finally have their day in court after a series of setbacks.

On Friday the Constitutional Court granted the 390 appellants leave to intervene in court proceedings initiated by the KwaZulu-Natal MEC for human settlements and public works. Residents of the Madlala village in Lamontville had gone all the way to the highest court after the Durban High Court initially ruled against their application.

In March last year, KZN Human Settlements MEC Ravi Pillay was granted an interim order that allowed the council to demolish structures and evict people who occupy or attempt to invade land earmarked for 37 provincial low-cost housing projects in Lamontville.

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Daily News Editorial: The season to be jolly cruel

There is no humane time to tear down people’s houses, regardless of whether they are ramshackle, leaky tin-and-nails shelters that barely merit the description of homes.

But taking crowbars to 40 shacks at the Marikana informal settlement in Durban’s Cato Crest just two days before Christmas was particularly heartless.

The most acceptable moment to demolish a shanty is when the occupants are being moved to better, hopefully permanent premises. Doing so in the season of goodwill – without offering them other places to go to – was cruel.

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Daily News: Residents rebuild demolished shacks


Durban – Three days after the eThekwini Municipality demolished more than 40 shacks at Cato Crest’s Marikana informal settlement, the residents remained hard at work rebuilding their homes, vowing to stay put.

Compared to the mood on Monday, just hours after their homes were demolished; the atmosphere was calmer yesterday when the Daily News visited the settlement.

Under the blazing sun, men got about their work of rebuilding their shacks with some still a long way to go while others were making final touches.

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Daily News: Bleak Christmas as dwellers are left homeless

Bleak Christmas as dwellers are left homeless

December 24 2013 at 09:00am


Durban – Two eggs and a loaf of bread, that was all a mother and daughter had left to share this Christmas Eve just moments after city officials, armed with axes, came to demolish their homes on Monday.

Christina Lebelo tried desperately to rebuild her home, piece by piece, nail by nail, plank by plank – but the reality was that she and her 18-year-old daughter, Christiphora, spent the night sleeping in bushes on Monday night. And they may not have a home built in time for Christmas.

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