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Mandela Park 5 and My next Project – Letter to the Mayor

Mandela Park 5 and My next Project – Letter to the Mayor
3 05 2010

Hi Cde’s

Today is marked the 8weeks since the decision to handover the remaining 5 houses to the Mandela Park 5 was taken by the Mandela Park Steering Commitee & the community at large.

The Mandela Park steering committee which include councillor Mkhutshwana had discussed the subject and as normal it was expected that its decision be forwarded to the HD (Housing Department) on time. 4 weeks later since the decision was taken the M.E.C for housing was spotted at the Look-Out-Hill in his address to a group of Khayelitsha back yard dwellers particularly from H-section, whereafter he met a serious confrontation by Mandela Park Back Yarders in relation to his next project in Mandela Park & Mandela Park 5.

The M.E.C told us he was not aware of the Mandela Park 5 as the matter was never brought forward to his office.

He further pledged he was planning to visit Mandela Park area in April at an unspecified date but definitely in April. Today is the 29 April 2010 almost 5 weeks after he made this promise.

We regard his silence as not only a sign of ignorance but also proving his sentiments about Mandela Park area as a whole. Mandela Park is being taken for granted by all lumpen politicians who lack proper understanding of what democracy is about. They think democracy is about them telling us what to do and not the other way around, they think democracy is about us giving them respect without them giving it back to us. For so long we have been waiting for an IDP (Integrated Development Strategy) in our area to no avail.

As a resident in Mandela Park i wouldl like those closer to the MEC to remind him about Mandela Park once more.

I would like the MEC to understand that every action has its own reaction. In summary if you promise to marry your girlfriend tomorrow you cant turnaround tomorrow and say I will marry you when I like.