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From Shooting to Brutally Beating by the Farmers

11 April 2011
Rural Network Press Statement

From Shooting to Brutally Beating by the Farmers

On 05 March 2011, Mr. Matshana Mdlozi was brutally beaten by the farm owner of Valban Plaza in Utrecht when he was going to fetch his cows that have gone through his plaza.

For several occasions the farm owners have taken law into their hands and walked scot free. For so many years the farm residents have been under pressure, living like they don’t belong to this country while the farm owners treat them like they are in prison. For too long it has been reported that the farm residents are being brutally killed with out intervention from the government yet they are the voters of South Africa. As this has been continuous by the farm owners Mr. Johan Landmann has taken the law into his hands by beating Mr. Matshana Mdlozi while he was going to fetch his cows in his plaza. As he was beating Mr. Mdlozi, the son of Mr. Landmann was watching Mr. Mdlozi crying for help but Mr. Mdolozi did not get any help from him. This is not the first time that Mr. Landmann has done this as he has once before beaten up Mr. Themba who is now disabled.

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