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Detention Without Trial or Evidence of Wrongdoing Continues for five of the Kennedy 12

Detention Without Trial or Evidence of Wrongdoing Continues for five of the Kennedy 12

The Kennedy 12 returned to court today.

On the 19th of February this year the previous magistrate made a ruling that ordered that the defense lawyer could have access to the police docket as well as the records of all the past hearings. However this information has not been made available to the defense lawyer.

There was a new magistrate today who did not want to hear anything about the previous hearings. The prosecuter repeatedly denied knowledge of this ruling and said that the court could not have made such a ruling. It turns out that all of the court appearances this year were not recorded. This took us back to square one and our lawyer had to reapply for access to the docket and court records.

Today the new magistrate ordered that the Kennedy 12 must appear in Y court on the 14th of May – 8 months after their arrest – where they will be given a date for their trail. She also made a ruling that the defence lawyer will be given the docket by the 14th of May. But the prosecutor said that she cannot guarantee that she could implement the order.

The five who have been held in the notorious Westville Prison will go back to the prison till 14 May. Detention without trial or without any evidence being brought to the court is oppression of the worst kind. This is, as Bishop Rubin Phillip said last year, a travesty of justice.

This is a political trial and the ongoing detention of the 5 among the Kennedy 12 that are in Westville Prison makes them political prisoners.

Our struggle for equality and justice continues.

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