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The Daily Vox: Lwandle: A mother’s story

Lwandle: A mother’s story

36-year-old Veronica Lujabe lies on a mattress inside the Nomzamo Community Hall. Her 18-month-old twins play nearby, but their mother is tired. After 30 days living inside a community hall, Lujabe is missing the home she once shared with her children. She told her story to RA’EESA PATHER.

I was born in KwaZulu-Natal and came to look for work in Cape Town in 1998. I got a job as a domestic worker in Somerset West and that’s how I ended up in the Nomzamo settlement, which is next to Lwandle in Strand, four months ago.

I’m a single mother. I have four children. All my children were born here in Cape Town.  Their father doesn’t live around here. Sometimes he helps out financially but if he doesn’t want to I can’t force him.

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