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27 April Umhla Wenkululeko Okanye Umhla Wengcinezelo


Ingcinezelo nokuba indala phantsi kuka De Klerk okanye intsha phantsi kuka Zuma, iyingcinezelo qha. Mhla sasivota ngo 1994 sasivotela ubomi obungcono, izindlu ezisemgangwathweni, hayi lamatyotyombe, izindlu zase Vukani eziwayo, ezithoyilethi zase Hlalani, sasivotela imisebenzi, kodwa ngoku uninzi lwethu aluphangeli, sijikajikana nelanga elokishini, sasivotela ubomi obungcono, kodwa eliyinene lelokuba akukho thsintsho ebomini bethu.

Aba bathi masibhiyozele olusuku baphila ntofontofo bona, ngohlohlesakhe nodyakalashe abadla izambane lika ponto. Banaso isizathu sokubhiyoza ngalomhla we 27 April, kuba bona bakhululekile. Bafuna nathi sibhiyoze, sibhiyoza njani singa phangeli, singenamanzi, singenazindlu, singena mhlaba, abanye bethu singenazo ne toilets.

Linye bahlali, masiyikwaye lemibhiyozo yabo, nalemihlangano yabo, kuba yeyabo ayoyethu. Linye bahlali masizibandakanye ne UPM, silwisane norhwaphilizo, nokuswela imisebenzi, amanzi, ii toilets nobomi obunngcono. Akukhomntu uyakutshintsha imeko yethu yokusokola, sithi abayakuphakama sithi “sekwanele”, silwisane nalamatutu/nalamasela.

Linye bahlali, masilitsolise sithi “sekwanele, enough, genoeg”.

Masiphakameni, silweleni amalungelo ethu.

Imbali iyasixelela ukuba bathi abantu bakwanela, baphakame, bazibuyisele, bathi baphumelele.

Saphumelela kunomgogwana ka Botha no Deklerk, nalona ke urhulumente wethu xa engasiphulaphuli, siyakumoyisa. Kuba urhulumente wethu uphantsi kocinezelelo longxowa nkulu behlabathi, iinkokheli zethu ngo mantshingilana bongxowankulu.

Asiphethanga, siphethwe ngabamhlophe nongxowa nkulu,

Linye “ Sekwanele, Enough, Genoeg”

Linye “Kubo”


Abona bantu bawuvayo umvambo nentlekele ye HIV/AIDS, sithi zimpula zikalujacu, bantu bangenanto. Sakuhlaselwa sesisifo se HIV/AIDS nesifo se TB kuthiwe masitye ukutya okusempilweni, masifumane amachiza asempilweni. Sizakukutya njani ukutya okusempilweni, singasebenzi, sisokola. Ukutya okukuko asikwazi ukufikelela kuko kaloku kuba simpofu. Ukutya kwethu ngu mngqusho, umqa irayisi kunye nesonka. Ukutya okunezondlo asifikeleli kuko. Amachiza angawo, axabisayo asinamali yokuwathenga. Abanye bethu balala bengatyanga, ikati ilala eziko.

Le nkqubo yobu ngxowankulu ikhohlakele kangangokuba, sisokola sinjena, amashishini emveliso yengqolowa aye ahlangana ecaweni, athandaza, ethandazela ukunyusa amaxabiso esonka, yiyo lento namhlanje iintsana zikhalela isonka, umzali engabinayo iR10 yokuthenga esosonka.

Siphethwe ngamarhamncwa, oohlohlesakhe namatutu, urhulumente ongunopopi otyayo. Basibulala sihleli.

Masiphakameni sizilwele, akukhonto iyiyo iyakube iphinde itsitse kulorhulumente ungunopopi otyayo

Is the 27th of April a Day to Celebrate our Freedom or to Mourn our Ongoing Oppression?

Oppression remains oppression whether we are oppressed by De Klerk or by Zuma. When we voted in ’94 we voted for a better life – for land and decent housing – not for shacks and RDP houses that are falling down. We voted for jobs for all but unemployment is skyrocketing.

There is change in our lives. Those who call upon us to celebrate ‘Freedom Day’ are the elite who are living a wealth life. They are free. We are not free. We do not have land. We do not have jobs. We do not have decent houses. Some of us do not even have toilets.

We are making a call to the poor to stay away from all Freedom Day events. We make this call for a boycott of these events because what we really need to do is to organise and struggle against corruption and for jobs, land and decent housing.

No one will change our misfortunes for us. We have to stop suffering alone and in silence. We need to stand up and say ‘Enough!’.

History tells us that when people decide to stand up and say ‘Enough!’ they will win their struggle. We can defeat Zuma’s oppression just as we defeated De Klerk’s oppression.

Things are so bad that it is not really even the AIDS and TB that is killing us. It is starvation that is killing us. We need proper food to go with our medicines. But the system of capitalism is so cruel that even when millions of people don’t have enough food to eat Tiger Brands, Premier Foods and Pioneers got together to fix the price of bread. The capitalists are determined to take every cent that they can from our hands. They even drive up the price of wheat. And the ANC are their allies.

We need a government that stands with the people and not with the capitalists.

Boycott all ‘Freedom Day Events!’. Join the struggle for jobs, land and housing for all. It is struggle that will open the road to real freedom.

Newsletter from Cape Town Shack Settlements in Struggle

A Newsletter of Informal Settlements May 2007
In Struggle Number 2

(The PDF with pictures etc is attached below)

Mandy Jacobs (Zille-raine Heights)

I was born in Retreat, but we moved to Parkwood when I was 8. Now I’m 35. My kids are 15 and 12. When I got divorced I could not pay the rent in Grassy Park where I lived. I had no job. So I went back to live with my mommy in her council house in Parkwood nearby but it was overcrowded- there was my mom, myself, my two kids, her two daughters, and another wife and husband and two children and it was one room and a kitchen. I’ve been on a waiting list since 1996. Someone said people are going to invade land. So I went.

We feel the Constitution should mean the right to
housing, school, and health care. We thought our
Constitution says everyone is equal and that everyone is
entitled to dignity. Freedom should mean choice. Are we
not protected from being dumped in Happy Valley?
The legal system is being used as a weapon against the
poor. The actions of government is breaking the rights we
thought we had in the new South Africa by carrying out
forced relocations, making children homeless, calling our
communities slums and talking about ‘eliminating’ us as
is the case with the proposed KZN Elimination of Slums

Zille-raine Heights

We occupied Civic Road on March 18 2006. By April
everyone moved to corner Acacia Road, Klip Road, aka
Zille-raine Heights- named after Lorraine who supported
them in Civic Road, and Mayor Zille who gave them a
place to stay and Council helped to relocate their shacks.
Yet by June, we were served notices and had gone
through a number or rounds of court. This is our third
time going to the high court: 30 may.

Khoisan Village

Our court case is still in Belville. On May 30th, we are all going to support Zille-raine Heights because we are next for the magistrate’s court (6 June). Almost 400 backyarders from the Belhar area occupied the local civic center in 2005. Their eviction case will be held on May 23rd. By early 2006 many had moved out of the center- as it was overcrowded with refugee-camp conditions and more space was needed for the community. Over 100 shacks were erected on open spaces known as Khoisan Heights. Since late 2006, this case has also been in and out of court, and their latest eviction deliberation has just been postponed to June 6th.

Happy Valley: why move from bad to worser?

Happy Valley is a great solution to the housing problem –
If all you want is for the poor to be out of sight, out of
mind. The site is adjacent to an industrial park: 45 minutes to Blackheath station by train from Cape Town – R11 return fare. Then you must still walk 20 minutes across
Blackeath Industria, unless you’ve got R3 more for a taxi –
but wouldn’t you rather the children eat something

To walk to Happy Valley from east to west, is to walk from
established RDP houses to the sad site of the most recent
arrivals – dumped on a few square metres by the city with
no more than a few roofing sheets, a wooden frame and
black plastic sheeting… not unlike a refugee camp in
Sudan or Congo. A water tap every few stands, and
portable toilets at the end of the row.
Look – no use relocating people from one shack to
another – especially if the new site is in a remote area, so far from the schools our children know, from work
opportunities, clinics, shops – ie, from the real
necessities of life. Few will choose to be hidden away here and forgotten again.

Why people have nowhere else to go

Government is not building enough public housing.
The priority of government is not the needs of the
poor. Houses that are built are too expensive (eg, N2
Gateway or Zille’s pilot project in Pelican Park). The
subsidy is not adequate. There is lots of corruption and
nepotism in housing allocation.

Privatisation of land and the housing sector
Most housing is being built for a profit, so it’s too
expensive for poor and working people.
There is still no restitution for the effects apartheid.
This is made worse by the division between rich and
poor: the rich make all the decisions. And the poor
have no power. And the government’s priority seems to
be to make things easier for the rich’

Mandy Jacobs: If I get evicted I’ll go to the pavement
because I have nowhere else. If they tell me I have to
go to Happy Valley and I have no alternative, I wont go
because it is not a place for a human being to live. It’s
a dumping place. I didn’t see a school, a bus stop, a
taxi, a factory, or a clinic, a church. Nothing. I cant
raise my kids like that. My kids remind me: mommy
please we are not going to Happy Valley.
Come to the court and support us on
May 30th (Cape Town High Court) and
June 6th (Magistrate’s Court, Bellville).
We want to appeal to people in both informal
settlements and to those living in houses to hear
our children’s cries and stand by us. Tomorrow it
might be your sons and daughters. Or yourselves.
We have identified the causes of our problems in
this newsletter. Our problems are not the only ones
caused by these things – there are also the pink
letters where people are being taken to court and
legal proceedings are taken against them because
they cannot pay. Arrears, service cut-offs… these
are all caused by the same things.

These problems are caused by people. The same
people cause them all. If we challenge their
power we can make it better for everyone.
– Mandy Jacobs

I didn’t have material to make a shack. The police came
the next day and sacked our shacks in Civic Road. We
stayed there 2-3 weeks and Zille gave us permission to
ZRH, and the council took our properties from Civic Road
and transported us to ZRH. Rate payers were very against
it and sitting early in the morn, sitting on the field. And
the children harass our children. When that subsided,
winter came.”


I have three kids- 15, 12, 6. In the beginning it was hard
for the kids. And the oldest is starting high school and
didn’t want people to see him coming from the shacks
and didn’t want me to tell the principal. So he walks a
long way around to the school. But then he made friends
in his class who stay in the neighbourhood and they know
and its ok.

If we are evicted, I will go on the pavement with all my
kids. I’ve been on the waiting list since I got married in
1992. And a few years ago I went to council to ask, and
they don’t have our names on the list. So now i’m on the
list as of 2001.

I was looking for a place cus I was living in my mother-inlaw’s garage w no windows with 5 people. Before that I lived in my mother’s house. But when I got married I
moved to the garage. In Grassy Park. I lived my whole
married life in GP. Before that in Lotus River, next to GP.
So someone said, look people are putting up shacks. So I went to look for material. I asked my brother in law to
help and we put it up on the field by Civic Road. We slept
in the houses the Saturday. Then on Sunday the police
came with Council officials(but without a court order)
and said they’ll take it down if we don’t. Three weeks we
stayed there and then when the mayor said move to
Acacia Road, the council moved our stuff.

Zille-Raine Heights: Lorraine 083 431 9794
Elenore 072 449 0436
Khoisan Village: Janet 073 846 1160
ILRIG: 021 447 6375


NINI: Ngehora lesishiyagalombili ekuseni, ngoLwesithathu, zingu 14 September 2005.

KUPHI:Ukubhikisha kwabantu kuzosuka ehholo lomphakathi kuKennedy Road ose 286 Kennedy Road, nase Clare Estate. Ukubhikisha kuyophelela emahhovisini akhe umnumzane Baig asekhoneni lika Randles no Spark’s Road eSydenham.

NGOBANI: Lezinkulungwane zifuna imihlaba, izindlu, izidingo zomphakathi ezibalulekile kanye nenhlonipho. Baphinde bamnikeza amaviki amabili okushiya isikhundla umnumzane Baig. (Ungafunda encwadini yezikhalazo engezansi ukubona izidingo zethu eziphelele).

ABAHLELI: Abahleli balombhikisho iKennedy Road Development Committee. Bazobe besebenzisana nezinye izinhlangano ezihambelana nentando yeningi, lezihlangano zihlanganise amanye amalunga omphakathi owasezindaweni ezingekho emthethweni (informal settlements) eClaire Estate, Burnwood Road, Foreman Road, Jadhu Place, Lacey Road, Palmiet Road, Puntan’s Hill naseSydenham Heights neJimmy Carter Housing project eseSherwood.

ABALANDELI: Lombhikisho uzobe uhlanganise nabantu abaphuma kwezinye izinhlangano ezingaphandle kweWard 25. Abanye abazobe bekhona iBanana City Informal Settlement Area Committee, iBayview Flats Residents’ Association; iCombined Staff Association (UKZN), Eastwood Community Forum (‘Maritzburg), Groundwork, iMandela Park Anti-eviction Campaign (Cape Town), iMaritzburg Social Forum, iRight to Work Campaign, iSocialist Students’ Movement (UKZN), eThekwini Eco-peace Party, eThekwini Social Forum, iWentworth Development Forum kanye ne Westcliff Flat Residents’ Association.



Imiphakathi yaseThekwini namaphethelo eNingizimu Afrika beyivimba imigwaqo ibhikishela izindlela ehlupheka ngazo. Abantu abaningi abahlangene nalemibhikisho baboshwa baphathiswa okwamasela. Lokho kwenzekile kuWard 25.

Ngomhlaka 13 May 2005, abantu abayizinkulungwane ezihlanu babhikisha futhi bephikisana nomphathi sigcawu uYacoob Baig, befuna ukuthi ashiye isikhundla ngaleso sikhathi. Umbono ka Baig ungukuthi uzimisele ngokusinciphisela ukuthula emizamweni yethu yokuqhuba inkululeko yabantu bonke. Yena wenza kubonakale sengathi kuwubugebengu, lokhu kutholakale ephephandabeni iA1 Qalam lango May nasemsakazweni iA1 Ansaar ngomhlaka 5 July. Sesatshelwa ukuthi umnumzane Baig unikeze umyalezo wokuthi sinqatshelwe esasithenjiswe khona, kanye nokuthi kufanele sikhokhele ukufakwa kukagesi njengenhlawulo. Kwala ngisho noma abaphathi benhlangano kamnumzane Baig bemtshela ukuthi makahlangabezane nezidingo zalabo abampofu emphakathini, kodwa wenqaba. Siyazi ukuthi abantu abanjengo mnumzane Bheki Sibaya sebezame behluleka ukumthola enecala umnumzane Baig. Manje asazi noma ukubhikisha kwezinkulungwane kuyowenza yini umehluko noma kuyoshaywa indiva nje kuphela. Kanti kufanele kuze kube njani ukuze izikhalazo, nokuhlupheka kwethu kunakwe. Abampofu base Ward 25 abazithembi ngomnumzane Baig, futhi nathi asethembi ukuthi abaphathi bakhe bazomthola enecala. Kepha, manje, nathi simnika amaviki amabili ukuthi ashiye esikhundleni.

Silindele isibalo sabantu abazinkulungwane ezilishumi ukuthi babhikishe ngo Baig kulesikhathi. Kulamasonto amabili ukuya kulombhikisho, kuzobe kunemihlangano kulowo nalowo mphakathi ohlangene ngokuphikisana nenqubo ka Baig. Kulemihlangano, wonke umuntu uzothola ithuba lokuxoxa izindaba zasendaweni yakhe, futhi basize ukuhlela indlela eyaphambili. Inxeba lomuntu oyedwa, inxeba lethu sonke. Hlanganyela nathi kulombhikisho ka Baig.

Izokwethulwa ngoLwesithathu, 14 SEPTEMBER, 2005

Thina bahlali base Ward 25, nabasekeli abahambelana nentando yeningi, nabahlali abahloniphekile base Ningizimu Afrika, siyazi ukuthi lelizwe licebe ngokuthathwa kwemihlaba wethu nokusebenza kwethu emaplazini, emafethri, emakhishini nase malondolo ezicebi. Angeke sikwazi ukuqhubeka nokuhlupheka ngaloluhlobo, kepha sizobumbana kulezikhalazo zethu ezilandelayo:

Sesiside lesikhathi imiphakathi yethu iphila emizini engekho emithethweni nengaphansi kwezinga. Futhi sesiside isikhathi sithenjiswa imihlaba, kepha izithembiso zethu zingagcinwa. Ngakho ke, sifuna imihlaba esilungele, nokuhlala emizini ephephile, enempilo nesizotha.

Imiphakathi yethu isidlavazekile ukuhlupheka, ngakho ke sifuna uhulumeni asinikeze amathuba emisebenzi esiwudingayo kakhulu, Kanti futhi okhokhela ngokwanele futhi onesizotha.

Kulaba abethu abahlala emafulethini kamasipala nakwimizi engaphansi kwezinga, sithola ukuthi umasipala ukhokhisa umphakathi imali engaphezulu kwamandla wawo. Ngakho ke sifuna ukuthi izikweletu zethu zokurenta zisulwe.

Uhulumeni wethu usibukela phansi futhi ukholelwa ekutheni ngoba singezona izicebi asikaze siyithole inhlonipho yakhe, njengohulumeni. Ngako ke, thina sifuna ukuthi kubekhona indlela ehambisana namalungelo entando yeningi nobuzwe.

Umphakathi wethu uhlukumezekile kakhulu ngezinto ezifana nobugebengu, amaphoyisa anobandlululo ngokwebala kanye nezingozi ezibalulekile ezithinta imvelo. Ngakho ke sifuna indawo ephephile enokuthokomala esingasebenza kuyo, sidlale, siphinde sihlale kuyo.

Abantu abaningi emphakathini wethu banempilo engeyinhle kanti futhi sonke siyathinteka uma kukhulunywa ngegciwane lesifo sengculazi (HIV/AIDS). Ngakho ke, sifuna abasebenzi bezempilo abafundile ngokwanele.

Intsha yethu iyikusasa lomphakathi wethu kepha ayinalutho olutheni ngekusasa layo. Ngakho ke sifuna izidingo zentsha yomphakathi wethu zinakekelwe, sifuna nokuthi laba abangenayo imali yokukhokha ezikolweni bangabandlululwa.

Nalababethu abahlala emafulethini kamasipala sithola ukuthi usikhokhisa intela ebiza kakhulu. Ngakho ke sithi kufanele ehlise intela yalabahlali.

Kukhona abanye bethu abanogesi namanzi kodwa abahlulekayo ukuzikhokhela lezizidingo. Kungakho sifuna lezidingo zibe mahhala kulabo abampofu.

Kuyilungelo lethu ukuba sithole izidingo zethu ezibalulekile emphakathini. Ngakhoke siyazifuna lezizidingo, sifuna izindlu zokuzikhulula ezilungile, nokuthi kulandwe imigqomo kadoti, namapaki amahle omphakathi, nokuthi uhulumeni anakekele izintandane ezigcinwe emakhaya ezingane, nalezo zingane eziphethe imizi yasemakubo.

Njengoba abantu ndawo zonke bebumbene benathi kulobunzima bethu esinabo, nathi futhi sinabo njengama-combrade ethu. Sifuna ukuwazisa lama-combrade ukuthi silokhe simi nawo njalo ekuphikisaneni nomasipala waseThekwini, okhipha abahlali basemafulethini ezindlini zabo. Lama combrade akulezindawo; Chatsworth, Crossmoor, Marianridge, Merebank, Shallcross ne Wentworth. Sizo qhubeka nokubambana kwethu njengabahlali baseNingizimu neTheku ukulwa, nokucwaswa kwemvelo; nokuphikisana nokuthi abafundi abampofu babandlululwe ezigabeni zase maTechnicons namaNyuvesi. Ngosizo namandla eWestern Cape Anti-eviction Campaign ezokulwa nokukhishwa kwabahlali emizini yabo kanye nokuthi bathole izidingo zabo ezibalulekile zomphakathi. Futhi siyazi ukuthi kukhona ama-combrade alwa nokutholakala kwemihlaba, imizi, imisebenzi, imfundo, ezempilo, ukuphepha namalungelo entando yeningi. Sifisa ukuphakamisa loludaba lukaMnu. Fred Wagner wakwi Eastwood Community Forum yaseMgungundlovu, ukuthi sesiyazi ngokusongelwa kwakhe nokuzama ukumcekela phansi lomnumzane. Khepha thina sifuna kumazisa ukuthi silokhe sinaye, nanoma ubani omunye ozithola esenecala ngokumela amalungelo alaba abahluphekile.

Ngokwehluleka kwakhe uMnu Baig, ngokusebenzisana kwakhe nabasondelene naye, nokwehluleka kwakhe kokusinikeza izidingo zethu ezibalulekile, kanye nokuma kwakhe emuva kwalaba abanamabhizinisi ngaphezu kwethu esihluphekile. Nokuphinde abukele abampofu namalungelo abo entando yeningi phansi. Ngakhoke thina sifuna ukuthi umphathi sigcawu uMnu. Yacoob Baig, onomulando omude impela kwezepolitiki futhi nowasebenzela uhulumeni wobandlululo, afake isicelo sakhe sokushiya esikhundleni emavikini amabili azayo. Uma uMnu. Baig ehluleka ukushiya phansi isikhundla sakhe, sicela ukuba i-Ward 25 ingabi nawo umphathi sigcawu.




WHEN: Monday 14 November. We will gather at the Foreman Road settlement at 7:00 a.m., regather at Botha Park at 9:00 a.m. and present our demands to Obed Mlaba between 12:00 and 1:00. We will finish by 1:30.

WHERE: We will gather at Foreman Road, travel to Botha Park and march down West Street to the City Hall.

WHY: To demand land & housing; basic services like water, electricity & toilets and a community hall. We will also oppose forced removals to the rural periphery of the Metro. We will also tell Mlaba that if there are no land and houses in the city then there will be no vote.

ORGANISERS: The Foreman Road Development Committee. For more information contact Mr Mnikelo Ndabankulu (0735656241) or Mr Lungisani Jama (0822595443).

SUPPORTERS: This march is also supported by, and will include people from all of the 16 settlements that are now supporting the abahlali base mjondolo movement including Annet Drive, Banana City, Burnwood Road, Jadhu Place, Juba Place, Kennedy Road, Lacey Road, New Castle, Palmiet Road, Pemary Ridge, Pridley Park, Quarry Road, Puntan’s Hill, Shannon Drive, Sirpath Road and Umgudulu. It is also supported by the Clare Estate Taxi Association and the Reservoir Hills Public Transport Association.

The Shack Dwellers’ Struggle

Many promises to people living in shack have been broken. Across South Africa shack dwellers have been blocking roads and saying ‘Enough!’ There have been more than 850 illegal protests this year. In Durban, in Wards 23 and 25, thousands of people have marched on councillors Yacoob Baig and Jayraj Bachu to demand that promises to provide land, housing and basic services like water, electricity and toilets be kept. People have also been marching against plans to move shack dwellers out of the city to rural places like Verulum. The media have understood that people are suffering and have supported the marches very strongly. Other struggling communities have also offered strong support.

In Foreman Road many of us have being staying here since 1989. Before the last local government elections Mlaba came to us and promised that if the ANC won then the land between us and the Loon Road graveyard will be be given to us for housing. But now the Metro want to break this promise and dump us in Park Gate far away from work, schools, clinics and police stations.

We cannot continue to suffer like this. The time has come to say “Enough!” and to demand that the promises made to us be kept. The time has now come to march on the Mayor. We must tell Obed Mlaba that if we don’t get land, houses and basic services then we will not vote in the coming elections.




NINI: Ngehora lesikhombisa ekuseni ngosumbuluka zingu 14 November 2005 (7:00 a.m.)

KUPHI: Siyobuthana ku-Foreman Road bese siqhubekela e- Botha Park kuyilaphoke siyomasha emgwaqeni u West Street siphikelele e City Hall. Simashe.

ISIZATHU: Ukulwela umhlaba nezindlu, izidingonqangi njengamanzi ahlanzekile, ugesi, izindlu zangasese kanye nehholo lomphakathi. Sizophinde siphikisane nesenzo sokukhishwa kwezakhamizi ngendluzula ziyiswa ezabelweni umkhandlu wedolobha. Sizophinda simtshele u Mlaba ukuthi uma ungekho umhlaba edolobheni ngeke nathi sivote.

ABAGQUGQUZELI: I komidi elibizwa ngokuthi, iForeman Road Development Committee. Ulwazi oluningi lungatholakala ngokuxhumana no uMnu Mnikelo Ndabankulu (0735656241) kumbe Mnu. Lungisani Jama (0822595443).

ABAXHASI: Lemashi izobungazwa ozakwethu azakhiweni ezingu 16 abazinikele ekusixhaseni ezikhalweni zabahlali basezakhiweni, lapha sibala abahlali baku Annet Drive, Banana City, Burnwood Road, Jadhu Place, Juba Place, Kennedy Road, Lacey Road, New Castle, Palmiet Road, Pemary Ridge, Pridley Park, Quarry Road, Puntan’s Hill, Shannon Drive, Sirpath Road and Umgudulu. Lemashi iphinde ixhaswe inhlangano yamatekisi ebizwa ngokuthi i Clare Estate Taxi Association ne Reservoir Hills Public Trans. Assoc.

UMzabalazo wabahlali ‘basemijondolo

Ziningi izithembiso ezenziwe ngaphambili ezingafeziwe. Ezweni lonke lalapha e South Africa abahlali basemijondolo besemzabalwazweni bavimba imigwaqo bathi ‘Sekwanele!’ Sekube nemibhikisho engaphezu kuka 850 engekho emthethweni kulonyaka nje vo. Ethekwini namaphethelo ku Ward 23 no 25, izinkulungwane zabantu zimamashe zayothula izikhalo zazo ku Yacoob Baig no Jayraj Bachu zikhalazela ukuthi izidingo ngqangi zazo izibalula umhlaba, izindlu, kanye namanzi, ugesi kanye nezindlu zangasese zingashaywa indiva. Abahlali bebemashela izinhlelo zokubakhipha kulezizindawo ngendluzula ziyiswe ngaphandle kwetheku ziyiswe izindaweni ezisemakhaya njengaseVerulum. Abantu bezindaba bayakholelwa ekutheni laba bantu bayahlupheka ingakho besiwuxhasa umzabalazo wabahlali ngokuphelele.Eminye imiphakathi esenkingeni ikhombisa ukuzwelana nalemiphakathi.

Iningi lethu Ku-Foreman Road laqala ukuhlala lapha kusukela ngo- 1989. Ngaphambi kokhetho lohulumeni basekhaya olwedlule uMlaba wasithembisa ukuthi uma i ANC iphumelela ukhetho umhlaba ophakathi kwethu namathuna aku Loon Road graveyard uyonoikezwa thina. Kepha manje umkhandlu weTheku usuyasiphula lesithembiso basilahlela e Park Gate kude nemisebenzi yethu, izikole, imitholampilo kanye neziteshi zamaphoyisa.

Ngeke siqhubeke nokuhlupheka kanje. Isikhathi sesifikile sokuthi “Kwanele!”siyafuna ukuthi izikhalo zethu zifezwe. Isikhathi sesifikile sokuthi simashele emahhovisini emeya. Kumele simtshele uMlaba ukuthi uma engasitholeli umhlaba , izindlu, kanye nezinye izidingonqangi ngeke sivote kulolukhetho lohulumeni base khaya eluzayo.


Hear our Cries! Yizwa ukukhala kwethu! Voices of Kennedy Road:

Letters from the Youth to the Mayor and the President/ Amazwi Abahlali
bakuKennedy Road

Sekwanele ukuphuma kwemiphefumulo engenacala. Ngenxa yokuthi umbani asinawo nezindlu
zethu zamaphepha. Asinawo ngisho amatoilet sizikhulula ezihlahleni. Kodwa sithi
imiphefumulo yethu iyosiphendulela ngelinye ilanga kulungile uma kuzwakala kangcono
kuwena ukufa kwabanbu sekwanele ukufa kwezihlobo zethu. Sekwanele ukuhlala
eminondolo. Sekwanele ukuzithulula ehlathini.
We want you to show us what you are doing because being burned is not a good thing. Is it good to you to hear that people are dying because of fire while you are sitting there eating expensive food?

This is a pamphlet written by the youth of Kennedy Road shack settlement to the Mayor of Durban and to Thabo Mbeki. Read it in full.